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Howard Partners provides analysis and advice for Chief Executives and senior management on ways to deliver greater value, enhanced performance, and sustained improvement through:


Howard Partners has a strong capacity and capability in providing advice to organisations in relation to strategy, structure, systems and performance improvement. The firm provides independent and expert advice in relation to the proposed adoption of new management practices and installation of new systems, procedures and processes.


The firm also has a strong capability in strategic and integrated communications including digital technologies, social media and information management.


The firm has an extensive portfolio of assignments that have been completed for Commonwealth State, and Local Governments, industry associations, business organisations and non-government entities.



Recent projects and assignments


Assistance in the preparation a Strategic Plan for a Queensland Government Department 2014

Howard Partners assisted in preparing the Department's Strategic Plan. The project involved the following tasks:

.  Meeting with with key clients, stakeholders, and business partners.

.  Preparing a discussion/issues paper for strategic planning workshops - based on client feedback and key Queensland Government

   policy documents

.  Facilitating workshops with departmental service areas in southeast Queensland and regional areas

.  Preparing key strategic planning content, including communication messages

.  Developing a Communication and Engagement Plan based on draft strategic plan


Arts Hub Scoping Study: Phase One. artsACT 2012

Howard Partners was commissioned by artsACT to investigate different models for potential Arts Hubs in Canberra.


Three identified potential Arts Hubs were examined and included City West/The Street Theatre (Performing Arts & Theatre); Ainslie Arts Centre/Gorman House Arts Centre (Music/Multi-Arts); and Kingston Arts Precinct (Visual Arts & Creative Industries). Howard Partners developed a framework that identified seven Arts Hub models that took into account organisation structure, reporting arrangements, administration, legal arrangements, business models, independence of organsiations with the Hub organisation, and community/member buy in.


Strategic Review of the Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre

Canberra: ACT Government. 2011


Strategic Review of eWater Cooperative Research Centre. 2008

The eWater CRC commissioned Howard Partners to undertake a strategic review of the CRC.  The strategic assessment involved one-on-one stakeholder consultations with more than 35 CRC participants and other key industry stakeholders.


Australian Computer Society (ACS) Review of Policy Processes. 2008

Howard Partners was commissioned by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) during to review and advise on the ACS policy processes.

The reports findings were implemented.


Review of the Bio21 Project and Bio21 Australia Limited

Melbourne: Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, Victoria and Bio21 Australia Limited. 2006


Local Government Management and Organisation

Howard Partners has developed a substantial portfolio of management strategy reviews undertaken for local government authorities across Australia.  The firm, through John Howard, has also provided advice to Government on local government finance, management, organisation, and innovation.




During 2017 Howard Partners is celebrating 18 years as an independent public policy research, advisory, and management consulting firm.


Howard Partners Pty Ltd, in collaboration with Technopolis Group Limited, based in the UK, is currently providing  professional advice for the development of a long term strategic plan ‘to maximise Australia’s innovation potential, positioning Australia to seize the next wave of economic prosperity and ensuring Australia’s wellbeing and economic growth in the future’.


Howard Partners recently completed an assignment to assist the  Hunter RDA to develop a regional  'smart specialization strategy' -  an integrated, place based, and transformation policy framework that will provide a basis for regional development investment.


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