Commissioned Research and Consultancy


Howard Partners has prepared a large number of  commissioned research reports for Government, business and NGO clients prepared by teams led by  Dr John Howard in collaboration with Anne Howard,  Professor Roy Green, Todd Williams, Professor Ron Johnston and Dr Mark Matthews.

Reports and Papers

The following reports and papers can be accessed through this site


  • Challenges for Australian Research & Innovation, Background paper for UTS Innovation Round-table (with Professor Roy Green), 10 April 2019.  View Paper.


  • a Narrative of the innovation, business and economic development policy settings for the Canberra Region over the last 20 years - with a particular emphasis on the last 10 years. It draws attention to the growth of Canberra based start-up and new technology-based firms (NTBFs), the expansion of larger national and multinational businesses in the city, the design and delivery of innovation and enterprise development initiatives, and building effective partnership arrangements with universities and other research organisations. View Report
  • Report of the Consultations Program undertaken by Howard Partners to assist Innovation and Science Australia develop the Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation Strategic Plan. The Consultation Program sought to obtain the opinions of businesses, research and teaching organisations, government agencies and intermediaries about the current position, opportunities, and directions for Australia’s Innovation Strategy. View Report.
  • Discussion Paper (draft) on Development of an Innovation Ecosystem Policy as input into the Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation Strategic Plan. View Report
  • Review the economic impact and effectiveness of the Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN) in meeting its stated vision ‘a network linking businesses and entrepreneurs to accelerate innovation and growth to maximise wealth creation’ and to provide evidence based recommendations on future directions and funding requirements. View Report


  • ACOLA SAF 10: Securing Australia's Future - Capabilities for Australian enterprise innovation: The role of government, industry and education and research institutions in developing innovation capabilities: Issues arising from key informant interviews and matters for policy consideration'.  On behalf of the Australian Council of Learned Academies, May 2016.   View Report
  • (Research support for Hunter RDA) Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) in support of Economic Development for the Hunter Region, NSW. View Report
  • (With Professor Roy Green) Australia’s Innovation Future. A Report for the Senate Inquiry into Australia's Innovation System on the Structure and Performance of Australia's National Innovation System, December 2015. View Report
  • (With Professor Roy Green) Senate Inquiry into Australia’s Innovation System, Issues Paper. August 2015. View Report
  • ACOLA SAF 09: Translating Research for Economic and Social Benefit: Measures that facilitate transfer of knowledge from publicly funded research organisations to industry. A report for the Securing Australia's Future Project 'Translating research for economic and social benefit: country comparisons'. On behalf of the Australian Council of Learned Academies, December 2015. View Report
  • Digital Post: Business Transformation and the Future Sustainability of Australia Post.  Sydney: McKell Institute, April, 2015. View Report


  • Digital Steel: Report of the Steel Industry Research Mapping Project, Department of Innovation, Industry, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, 2012.  View Report. View Attachments
  • Public Policy Drift: Why governments must replace ‘policy on the run’ and ‘policy by fiat’ with a ‘business case’ approach to regain public confidence. In Public Policy Discussion Papers, edited by Percy Allen. Sydney: Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA). 2012 View Report
  • (Prepared by Anne Howard). Connecting with Communities: How Local Government is Using Social Media to Engage with Citizens. Canberra: Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government and ANZSOG Institute for Governance. 2012. View Report
  • Innovation, Ingenuity and Initiative: the Adoption and Application of New Ideas in Australian Local Government, ACELG Innovation and Best Practice Program. Canberra: Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government. 2012. View Report


  • "The State of Victoria, Australia: Self Evaluation Report." In OECD Reviews of Higher Education in City and Regional Development. IMHE. 2009. View Report
  • Between a 'Hard Rock' and a 'Soft Space': The Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in Innovation Systems. Canberra: Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. 2008. View Report
  • Innovation, creativity and leadership: report of a study of the ACT Innovation System. Canberra: Australian Capital Territory Government. 2008. View Report
  • Rigor and Relevance: Towards a scholarship of integration. Extending the role of social sciences and humanities in public policy research. Canberra: Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. 2008. View Report
  • Melbourne: Australia's Knowledge Capital. A Study of the Economic, Social and Cultural Contributions of Victoria's Universities with a Melbourne Presence. Melbourne: Melbourne City Council. 2007. View Report
  • The Role of Intermediaries in Support of Innovation. Canberra: Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources. 2007. View Report
  • Changing Paradigms: Case Studies in the Management of Innovation in Australian Business. Melbourne: Business Council of Australia. 2006. View Report
  • Universities Third Mission: Community Engagement. B-HERT Position Paper 11. Melbourne: B-HERT, 2006. (With Professor Arun Sharma). View Report
  • Fire Knowledge Network Report. Canberra: Bushfire CRC. 2006. View Report
  • Knowledge Exchange Networks in Australia's Innovation System: Overview and Strategic Analysis. Canberra: Department of Education, Science and Training. 2005. View Report
  • Digital Factories: the Hidden Revolution in Australian Manufacturing: A Study of the use of Information and Communications Technologies by non-ICT Manufacturing Companies. Canberra: Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. 2005. View Report
  • The Emerging Business of Knowledge Transfer: Creating Value From Intellectual Products and Services. Canberra: Department of Education, Science and Training. 2005. View Report


  • Study of the Interactions between Research Organisations and  SMEs in the ICT Sector. Canberra: Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, 2004. View Report
  • Evaluation of the Cooperative Research Centres Program. Canberra: Department of Education, Science and Training. 2003. View Report
  • Review and Report on Competed NIDP Projects. Canberra: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. 2003.
  • (With Professor Ron Johnston and Lyn Grigg). Best Practice Processes for University Research Commercialisation. Canberra: Department of Education, Science and Training. 2003. View Report
  • (With Professor Ron Johnston). "Engagement in an Era of Industrialisation." In The Idea of Engagement: Universities in Society, edited by Svava Bjarnason and Patrick Coldstream. London: Association of Commonwealth Universities. 2003. View Report
  • Evaluation of the New Industries Development Program. Canberra: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. 2002. View Report.
  • (With Mark Matthews). Mapping the Nature and Extent of Business-University Interaction in Australia. Canberra: Australian Research Council. 2001. View Report
  • (With Anne Howard). Recipes for Success: Case Studies Illustrating Successful Innovations By Food Businesses, A Report Prepared for the Food Innovation Group by Howard Partners. Canberra: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. 2001. View Report
  • (With Professor Ron Johnston). Securing Our Manufacturing Future: A Study of the Outlook for Small Business Manufacturing to 2015 and Beyond. Sydney: NSW Small Business Development Corporation. 2001. View Report
  • (With Mark Matthews) A Study of Government R&D Expenditure by Sector and Technology. A Paper prepared for the Department of Industry, Science and Resources. Canberra: Howard Partners. 2000. View Report



During 2018 Howard Partners is celebrating 20 years as an independent public policy research, advisory, and management consulting firm.


Howard Partners was honoured to have contributed to the Innovation and Science Australia Strategic Plan, Australia 2030: Prosperity Though Innovation, released in early 2018. Our Consultations Report and Expert Opinion Survey was released at the same time.


Howard Partners has recently completed the Performance Review of the Rural Innovation System for the  National Primary Industries Research and Innovation Committee. Publication is expected shortly.


The firm has also recently completed an innovation narrative of the Canberra Innovation System for the period 1998-2018.  Publication is also expected shortly.




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