Rural Innovation System Performance Review

In November 2017 Howard Partners was engaged by the Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations on behalf of the National Rural Industries Research and Innovation (R&I) Committee, to undertake a Performance Review of Australia’s Rural Innovation System.


The purpose the project was  to describe the performance and impact of Australia’s rural innovation system. The project collated and analysed evidence across a range of metrics  to present a comprehensive review of the overall performance of the system, highlighting areas of strength, opportunities for improvement and gaps in our knowledge base.


The project has been completed and a number of reports has been presented to the National R&I Committee for their consideration.  There are as follows:


Performance Review of the Rural Innovation System Summary Report

Performance Review of the Rural Innovation System - Main Report

Research Report 1 - Global Value Chains

Research Report 2 - Previous Reports, Statements, Reviews

Research Report 3 - Key Institutions in the Rural Innovation System

Expert Opinion Survey Response Charts

The Biologically Derived Economy: A Discussion



Further Information

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During 2018 Howard Partners is celebrating 20 years as an independent public policy research, advisory, and management consulting firm.


Howard Partners was honoured to have contributed to the Innovation and Science Australia Strategic Plan, Australia 2030: Prosperity Though Innovation, released in early 2018. Our Consultations Report and Expert Opinion Survey was released at the same time.


Howard Partners has recently completed the Performance Review of the Rural Innovation System for the  National Primary Industries Research and Innovation Committee. Publication is expected shortly.


The firm has also recently completed an innovation narrative of the Canberra Innovation System for the period 1998-2018.  Publication is also expected shortly.




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