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Study of the ACT Innovation System (2008)

The ACT Government appointed Howard Partners to carry out a Study of the ACT Innovation System.  The Study was conducted during the second half of 2007, and the Report was launched by the Chief Minister for the ACT, the Hon Jon Stanhope on 19 March 2008.

The Study reported on the operation and performance of the ACT Innovation System and made recommendations and suggested actions to enhance economic outcomes and national and international competitiveness.

The Study involved -

  • Developing an understanding and analysis of the ACT Innovation System;
  • Drawing on similar studies of comparable regions, establishing comparisons to the ACT's Innovation System and where possible, making observations and recommendations regarding a 'best practice' innovation policy framework for the ACT;
  • Using case studies of ACT enterprises with a track record for systemic innovation and identifying the local system factors that support innovation in the ACT economy;
  • Using case studies of particular institutions or other system capabilities that also support innovation in the ACT economy.

In undertaking this project, Howard Partners engaged with stakeholders to -

  • Access qualitative information that can inform the Study and validate results;
  • Promote a shared understanding of the ACT Innovation System and encourage a debate about future opportunities and challenges.

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