Howard Partners is managed by Dr John Howard. As Managing Director, John has undertaken, or led, most of the projects undertaken through the firm over the last 20 years.  Anne Howard, also a director of the firm, has led many of the firm's assignments in management, innovation, and communications strategy.

The firm has collaboration arrangements with a number of Associates who bring specific knowledge, skills and experience to projects.

Dr John Howard

 John is a highly experienced public policy analyst and management consultant with a track record of achievement in the areas of:

  • Management strategy, including corporate and business planning, organisation design, performance review and improvement.
  • Science, technology and innovation policy and management.
  • Regional development and regional innovation systems.

John has advised boards, CEOs and senior management teams in all of these areas within the framework of contemporary management thinking and public sector reform initiatives. Of particular interest is the impact of digital transformation on government, business organisations, regions and communities, reflected in his  work on Digital PostDigital Steel and Digital Factories.

John has also been active in the area of science, technology and innovation policy where he has advised governments on policy development and implementation, and participated in innovation forums and discussions over many years. Many reports and papers are on the public record.

Between 2008 and 2011 John held the position of Pro Vice-Chancellor, Innovation and Engagement, at the University of Canberra. He currently holds the position of Visiting Professor at the UTS Business School and Adjunct Professor and Academic Fellow at the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra.

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Anne Howard

Anne is a Director of Howard Partners and specialist in organisational communication, social business and digital technologies.  Part of Anne’s expertise includes integrating social media and Web 2.0 technologies into an organisation’s current corporate strategy.  Anne joined Howard Partners in 1999 bringing skills, knowledge and expertise in early stage venture capital investment and strategies for growth in innovative businesses.

Anne specialises in working with clients to manage communication and information resources in the areas of stakeholder engagement, public communication, internal collaboration, stimulating innovation, and achieving measurable returns and results. A central feature of this work is the strategic use of social media in achieving business and program objectives and outcomes.

Prior to joining Howard Partners, Anne was a Business Development Manager at CSIRO and was involved in a number of successful commercialisation projects, including the BARLEYmax(R) discovery.  Anne was the inaugural CEO of the Australian Venture Capital Association (AVCAL) and subsequently Executive Director of Knowledge Commercialization Australasia. During this time Anne was a member of the NSW Innovation Council.

Anne holds academic qualifications in strategic communications, information management and Internet communications.

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Collaborators and advisers

The firm collaborates with experienced and capable consultants and academics to meet the requirements of specific briefs. Collaborators have included Emeritus Professor Roy Green, Dr Mark Matthews, Don Scott-Kemmis, and Professor Ron Johnston.




A comprehensive review of Australia's higher education system was published as Rethinking Australian Higher Education by Howard Partners and UTS on 18 February 2021.


In May 2020 an extended analysis of Australia's research capacity was published as  Challenges for Australian Research and Innovation by UTS as an Occasional Paper.


In 2019 Howard Partners completed the first ever comprehensive Performance Review of the Rural Innovation System for the  National Primary Industries Research and Innovation Committee.



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