Over last 20 years Howard Partners have prepared numerous reports and papers for clients, either in response to a specific problem oriented brief, or a requirement for greater understanding about a particular issue or problem. Considerable success has been achieved through adoption of recommendations and implementation of proposed courses of action. Our work has resulted in change and improvement in the organisations we have worked with.


The firm's output is grouped in three categories.


Commissioned research and consultancy

Clients have commissioned research to provide a greater understanding and knowledge about issues and events as a basis for policy action and initiative.  The methodology is essentially that of applied research, and involves placing a topic in a researchable 'problem oriented'  format, bringing together existing available knowledge about the issues, assembling new information through survey, investigation and analysis and formulation of conclusions and recommendations.


Consultancy projects are also undertaken in response to specific terms of reference that address a problem, or opportunity, that management requires a solution or strategy.  They involve an investigatory, and sometimes forensic, methodology and aim to provide management with a solution that resolves the situation, provides a solution, and is implementable. Reports of consultancy projects are rarely published.


Research and consultancy for local government

John Howard commenced his consulting career in local government research and consulting, commencing as research director for the National Inquiry into Local Government Finance.  The financial problems and issues identified then are still relevant today.  Only a limited amount of that output is available electronically, although printed copies are available in public library collections.


Academic publication

Howard Partners consultants have also produced a considerable body of work for inclusion in scholarly publications and for presentation and conferences and forums. This output provides and important foundation for the firm's research and consulting work.




A comprehensive review of Australia's higher education system was published as Rethinking Australian Higher Education by Howard Partners and UTS on 18 February 2021.


In May 2020 an extended analysis of Australia's research capacity was published as  Challenges for Australian Research and Innovation by UTS as an Occasional Paper.


In 2019 Howard Partners completed the first ever comprehensive Performance Review of the Rural Innovation System for the  National Primary Industries Research and Innovation Committee.



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